MASTER I LIVELLO: Made in Italy – Italian Food and Wine


The course is aimed to all those interested in:
– starting a managerial career in the Food and Wine industry;
– becoming expert in hospitality services;
– becoming expert in communication in the Food&Wine sector or in retailing and tourism sector

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Made in Italy is an expression that recalls the image of high-quality Italian products throughout the world.
The Enogastronomy traditions are an authentic brand that may symbolise the excellence and uniqueness of the Made in Italy products.


The course aims to let international students know how Made in Italy Food&Wine is born and which are the main products certified according to European rules, also through company case histories basing on interviews with
experts in the field, that shall give students a unique opportunity to turn the passion for the product into a path of professional growth.

-Products and Territories with a geographical indication (GI)(PDO AND PGI, TSG, PAT and SLOWFOOD PRESIDIA PRODUCTS): History, Production, Territoriality; Wines and Territories with a geographical indication (GI, IGT, DOC AND DOCG): History, Production, Territoriality;
-Case Histories of the Study Course on PDO (Protected Denomination
Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indications) Products:
-Francesco Nacci, President of the Ceglie Messapica Biscuit Consortium - Slow Food presidium;
-Massimo di Porzio, Vice President of the Vera Pizza Napoletana Association TSG (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed);
-Giuseppe de Martino, President of the Pasta di Gragnano PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Consortium;
-Gaetano Mastrantoni , PAT (Prodotto Agroalimentare Tradizionale - traditional processed agricultural product) Bufala Priverno;
-Nicola Bertinelli, President of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO (Protected Denomination Origin) Consortium
-Ethics and Sustainability: The future of Food&Wine productions

Students are expected to:
• study the didactic material specifically arranged;
• participate in online activities;
• successfully meet the required learning outcomes of each module as stated in course outline in order to pass the assignments;
• revise the assignments according to the lecturers’ comments in an event of the failure to meet one or more of the learning outcomes for each module;
• successfully pass the final dissertation defence real time via digital tools.

Bachelor’s Degree qualification (EQF level 6)

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